Casey Cooper -- MTV's "Gauntlet 3"  "Fresh Meat"  and "The Ruin" Challenges

Casey Cooper

Casey Lynn Cooper joined the MTV reality family on the "Fresh Meat" challenge as Wes Bergman's partner.  While she became well known as the foil for Wes' temper, she always smiled and looked damn pretty.  What more can you ask for?  More recently, she participated in the "Gauntlet 3" challenge where she became notorious for hiding in closets with no clothes on.  Where was that camera?

Casey describes herself this way: "I'm as sarcastic asshole, so get used to it."  We don't know if Casey actually is that way, but she certainly was a laugh a minute on the calendar set shoot.  We'd like to see more of Casey, both on MTV and inside a couple of our favorite men's magazines.

You can find Casey on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/caseylynncooper

Jenae Alt

Jenae is a credited Hollywood actress whose appearance on Sunset Tan came about through her off screen romance with owner Jeff Bozz.   She has appeared in  Adam Sandler's "Click" and "Naked Run" as well as CBS TV's "How I Met Your Mother."   She recently complete shooting on a new movie from  Eagle Tide Films, "3 Days Gone." 

Jenae can also hang with the guys as an experienced TV co-host.  She worked with John Salley and Tom Arnold on Fox's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period"

Jenae also came to the attention of the Star Magazine when it reported that she had accused rocker Dave Navarro of cheating on his wife, recounting a Las Vegas hotel tryst with the guitarist in April 2006.  We think she makes a really good "bad girl."  Did we mention that we like her tan, too?
Jenae Alt -- "Sunset Tan"
Megan Hauserman --  VH1's " Rock of Love-2," "I Love Money,"  and "Charm School -- 2"

Megan Hauserman
Megan's show, "Megan Wants a Millionaire" (originally titled "Trophy Wife) was pulled from the VH-1 schedule in August after three episodes.   To find out more, click here: 
VH-1 Issues statement

So, the only place her VH-1 fans will see her now is on DirecTV in October, 2009, in our one-hour show, the
"Sexiest Women of Reality TV: Bikini Babes."

Cecille Gahr

In person, Cecille is a really, really cool.    It's hard to understand the edit she got on "Beauty and the Geek,"  where she was portrayed as the villian.  She saw the show as a competition, but the edit was geared toward documenting a life-changing experience for ten beauties and the geeks.  She already has a great life, no thanks to the show's producers.  It's the price people pay for being on a reality show sometimes, They wanted her for ability to bring the drama.  In the end, they were very happy -- at her expense.  We think she is hot; and,  Cecille and Megan together are just about enough warmth to boil water during an average Artic winter night.   Did we mention that she also has a
great sense of humor?


Cecille's Myspace quote: 

"People say LA does not have four seasons... Last time I checked, it was on Doheny"
Cecile Gahr --  "Beauty and the Geek"

Chaunte LeBlanc

According to MTV's casting profile, Chaunte always gets what she wants.   We asked her if that was just TV PR hype or if it's true.  She laughed and said with only the slightest hint of a smile, "It depends on how bad I want you."
It's obvious to us that although she is now living in LA after growing up in Hawaii, she has not lost any of her "surfer girl" attitude.  Whatever Chaunte is selling, we're ready to buy!
Just like on Maui Fever, Chaunte and Anna still make life fun on the set. 
Guys, did I mention that she is "girl-next-door-cute" single?


Chaunte LeBlanc -- "Maui Fever"
Valerie Penso
(in her own words, shamelessly perloined from her myspace page)

"I know I might look like your typical girl next door but don't underestimate me.  I look a lot more innocent then I am.  I've experienced a lot in life and am always ready to experience even more.  My motto is try everything twice and have no regrets!  Im a writer, a dreamer, and a giver.  No matter how bad things get, I'm always optimistic.  It's the 'Sag' in me.  I can be a very private person especially until you get to know me.  But, yes, I admit it; at times I can be the biggest flirt.  I can't help it.  I was born that way.  I'm me, and I can't change that.  I won't change that."

Valerie's Myspace quote: 

"A Woman's Unhappiness Is To Rely On Her Youth.  Youth Must Be Replaced With Mystery."  Coco Chanel
Valerie Penso -- The original "Temptation Island,"  replaying on
the Fox Reality Channel 

Amanda Corey

Maybe the producers of "Beauty and the Geek" didn't want us to know that Amanda first modeled for Playboy when she was 19.  Now she has a pictorial in the September 2008 issue of Playboy.  Some great things you just can't hide!

Amanda is also a model for Hawaiian Tropic and travels the country promoting their products.  Here is how Amanda describes herself, "I am a nice, outgoing girl who loves the simple things in life."   She is also single and looking for "Mr. Right."  So, what does she want?

"I am now on a serious mission to find my soul mate. I want a funny guy who is humble and a gentleman. I need someone who is confident in himself and not jealous."

Sounds good to me, but having Miss July on my wall will do very nicely for now.
Amanda Corey -- Winner "Beauty
and the Geek" final season 

Angelique Morgan ("Frenchy")

Angelique first rocked our world on VH-1's "Rock of Love 2."
We wondered if she were as much of a free spirit as she
was portrayed on the show.  She is!  We discovered that she just doesn't like clothes which can be pretty entertaining on the set of a photo shoot with lots of people around.  What
we discovered is that she not only has the cutest tush
we've seen in a long time, she is way smarter than reality TV producers want you to know. 

Perhaps it is her sense of humor that has made her a favorite on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio.   She is absolutely up for anything! 

Look for Angelique on VH-1s "Charm School 2" in the fall of 2008.  We think Sharon Osborne is going to have her hands full with "Frenchy," complete with subtitles!

Je t'aime mon cher.
Angelique Morgan --  Rock of Love 2 and  Charm School 2
Katie Doyle --  MTV's "Gauntlet 3," The Ruins"  and "Road Rules"
Katie Doyle

Katie returned TV in "Gauntlet 3" with all the classic drama for which she is known on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge series.  This time on "Gauntlet 3" she brought focus and determination to the game, only be back-stabbed by "friends."   True to her challenge roots, Katie saw the game play around her, and in classic Katie fashion, waived the "BS" flag in the faces of those who betrayed her.  

This year's photo shoot just happened to occur on her birthday, so Katie was a more reserved than usual until one of Vegas' better known reality legends decided the cake just wasn't enough of a present.  Then the real party began...  
Update:  Katie is now appearing on "The Ruins," on MTV at 10 pm on Wednesdays.  

Katie's Myspace quote: 

"Screw Harry Potter and his asshole glasses".

Ania Migdal

Sunset Tan's season two started for Ania just as they ended on season one, with drama over a guy.  We think poor Nick may be in over his head with this beauty.   An Ashley Paige bikini has never looked better on anyone. 

After working with The Olly Girls on last year's calendar, we were hoping for a repeat of their off-camera zen like approach, but Ania was just the opposite.  High energy, intense focus, and an a burning desire to get every detail right, Ania blew us away with who much the camera lens loved her.   What surprised us the most, thought, was that Ania was the one who really got the party started and Bobby, our great bartender, had a great time keeping her well supplied. 

(Of course, only a reality photo shoot comes with a bartender.)

Ania Migdal  --  "Sunset Tan" 
Seasons 1 & 2

Amanda Ireton

In addition to being a finalist on MTV's hit reality series, "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila,” Amanda has appeared on MTV's "Hang Over Show" and "That's Amore", WETV's "Secret Lives of Women", CCTV's "The Rack", and E's "The Soup" and "Extra".   She also recently finished shooting 11 episode for MTV's "Relapse Show" and will appear in "My Foreign Desh," and independent film set for release this fall.

Not only is Amanda on of the the coolest people on the planet, Amanda is a very funny comedian.  Who knew?  Actually, she has appeared at the Comedy Store, Improv, Comedy Club, Room 5 and Comedy Union.   We hope NBC's "Last Comic Standing" is a "must-do" in her future.

Amanda also gets our endorsement as the booking agent of choice for reality personalities.    
Amanda Ireton -- "Tila Tequila: A Shot a Love"
"Pumpin" (Brooke Thompson) -- "Flavor of Love" and "Charm School"
Brooke Thompson

Brooke's latest adventure in "reality" is VH-1s "I Love Money" where she makes deals and changes her alliances mid-show, in hope of winning the money.   Unfortunately for us, Brooke and fellow ILM co-star, Megan, were not on our set the same day.  We really wanted to see if there would be drama, fireworks, hair pulling...and maybe even a little spitting...   

"Pumkin"  (Brooke) became know during her appearance on "Flavor of Love" where she became a break-through reality star in late 2006.  In 2007, she followed-up on VH-1 with "Charm School," a spin-off from the surprisingly highly rated "Flavor of Love" series.  This former substitute high school teacher is making the most of her 15 minutes.  

As for "Charm School," we think she had far more class than the host and producers combined.   

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Anna Stimson

Anna, who moved to Hawaii three years before "Maui Fever" was taped has said that she "often forgot the cameras were rolling."  For some, that might not be a good thing, given that the premise of the show was to show in "Laguna Beach" style, the lives of seven possibly dysfunctional people interacting with each other in one of the most beautiful and sexually charged locations on the planet.  For millions of people living outside of Hawaii, it was great entertainment complete with hot bodies and often more fiery conflict.

According to Anna, after some days during the three months of shooting she said would say to herself, "What did I just do?"  We're guessing she has a short-term memory problem, because in spite of the camera's continued presence, she kept fighting and hooking up with professional ex-boyfriend, surfer boy Cheyne, and was generally down to party for the entire show.   No complaints from us; we're completely shallow when it comes to our "hot chick" viewing habits.
September - December, 2008
Anna Stimson -- "Maui Fever"
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