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MTV's "Real World, Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2" Commentaries
by Beth Stolarczyk
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Episode 6

Catfight ?

Here’s one thing you didn't see in tonight’s show.  Before the challenge started, we were standing in a huddle, talking strategy.  All of the sudden Montana says, "Beth, you’re always in my way."  Then she pushes me.

I immediately knew that all eyes were watching me closely, ready to point the finger at my response., so I decided to keep my mouth shut.  Looking back now, I should have called her out because it doesn't matter what I do or don't do (and it could have save us all from some of the Derrick/Brad video last night).  Some people want me gone.  Period.   But, it's not over...  Then, after we were all assigned positions, just a minute before we start, Montana starts in trying to change my position.  Come on, this chick has crossed the wrong person.  I've had it with her.  And ,as Ruthie would say, its “kill or be killed.”  I don't care what happens in the rest of the Gauntlet challenge or how long I last, as long as I get to take out Montana. 

She's always been a bitch to me, and I've never really understood why.  I thought that maybe she would have matured over the years since our last challenge together when I wouldn't bungee jump because I had a sprained ankle.  Montana wouldn't do it either, but she blamed me -- on camera and behind the scenes -- for not going!

OK, but back to this challenge...  Then I think Montana remembered that she had told me a dirty little secret about her that she wouldn't want to be known on national TV, because she suddenly starts being nice to me.    Montana has a boyfriend at home and he wouldn't be happy if he found out that Montana was desperately throwing herself at Jamie, who she did get a piece of, but couldn't hold on to him long enough before Cara got him!!!!!!  Montana was so upset she kept wearing this shirt that said “DITCH HIM.” 

She didn't want me to say anything and, of course, I did, but I don't think it will make it to air.  I think it's pathetic that she would cheat on her boyfriend.   How can you respect anyone who chooses to do what he or she wants, instead of doing what is right?

The Paint Mission

We were all excited that we would be painting.  We knew it was going to be goofy and messy, so the fact that the men had size small Speedos and the women also had size small bikinis was icing on the cake for BMP.   This wasn't a difficult challenge.  It was a challenge meant to be silly and humiliating.  And that, my friends, builds character and team strength.  Seriously, this challenge requires teamwork.  And that is why I didn't snap at Montana.  We needed the win and we got it.  

The Gauntlet

OK, bottom line – no one wants to go against Alton in the Gauntlet.  Never has the initial choice of Captain back on the first day ever been more important.  MTV should have replayed in slow motion Alton climbing the net.  Of course, if you TIVO’d it, you can watch it in 'slo-mo' yourself as many times as you want.   Adam was pissed to go home, but he handled it well both on and off camera.
Next Week

If you watched the previews at the end of tonight’s show and the commercials MTV is airing for next week, then you know what it coming.  I can’t wait!

Here are a few questions that were sent in recently:

Q. Beth, do you ever get recognized when you go out and what do people say to you? (Tony in Jersey)

A. Yes…

1) “Wow, you’re Beth? You look so much better in person than on TV...”

2) “You're hot! Can I buy you a drink?”

3) “Did anyone tell you that you look like Beth, but you're better looking?” Thanks for the question, Tony.

Q. Ok, Beth, I use to hate ya but I’m startin’ to love ya cause you're keepin’ it real!!!

- So what happened with you and Ace???
- And wasn’t the conceited chick Cara dating someone else from Real World/ Road Rules? What happened with that?
- Do people ever talk about other cast mates that aren’t on the challenges? 
- Besides Alton, Adam and Mark, who else has Jodi messed with? Obviously, Danny would know - lol. (Monica)

A. Monica, so many questions…
1. Do you mean in the bathroom the night of Mark’s birthday party?  Hmmm…  So did you think Ace looked cute in his Speedo last night?
2. Cara’s reality romance went the way of almost all reality romances.  (Trista just didn’t get the memo I guess)
3. I do talk to some reality people including those from MTV, but outside of these challenges, most of us have very different lives.  Sometimes we talk about the other reality people we know and their shows, but MTV isn't going to show that because it's mostly personal and really not interesting.  
4. Why not ask Danny yourself.  He just joined myspace

Q. I had a question for you about the RW/RR Gauntlet... It seems like it's just a bunch of hooking up, and who’s hating who. (Danae)

A. For many, it really is a big party atmosphere.  Not only do these people know each other from other challenges, but some were together for months on RR or RW, so there is history (good and bad) between many of these people.

Hook ups -- well the producers do seem to want to show those, probably because their research says that is what viewers want.  Sex sells!  Much of my email is from people who want to know more about the hook-ups; but, I try only to talk about it when it affects people's understanding of an episode or how a particular hook up had some impact -- positive or negative -- on me during the challenge.  Thanks for asking, Danae.

Q. Do you know what happened to Katie's myspace account? (Only asked by about 100 people – LOL)

A. Katie is back at, and not a minute too soon.  It's lonely out here writing this stuff.  I love reading what Katie writes about “Gauntlet 2.”  Her perspective is unique. I wish others were writing, but I'm getting mail from some.  (Thanks for the good thoughts, Cameran).  No bribes offered yet to keep quiet, but there are some interesting episodes ahead, so who knows what will happen. ;)

If you have questions for me, please email  That way someone else can keep track of them for me.  If you leave a question on myspace, it could get overlooked.

Q.  Tell us who the mystery XXXX person is who hooked up with Jamie.  Someone says it's Ibis. 

A.  No, it absolutely is not Ibis.  Where do people come up with some of this stuff?   There could be five or six xs instead of four.  Ibis has a boyfriend to whom she is very loyal.  I respect that.  My point simply was that those I identified were not the only ones.   See, Beth doesn't always tell what she knows... 

Episode 5 Commentary

One of the local bars closed down so we could come and hang out with the camera crews in Tobago. I was having fun. I had a drink and danced a bit with Syrus, Ace, and Timmy.  And you know, usually you have to make your way to the ladies room at least once in the evening, so I enter the bathroom and there is Jodi --a sloppy drunk mess. She's crying.

I don't really know Jodi that well, but I’m pretty sure whatever is bothering her she isn't going to tell me because all of the rookie girls automatically assume "Beth is ‘Evil Trouble’".  I feel bad that she is crying, but I’m certainly not going butt my nose into her business.  I didn’t talk to her.

So after I use the facilities, I wash my hands and start to leave. Jodi grabs me and says she has to tell me something.  I’m thinking, “Why, why are you telling me?”  Is it because she wants me to tell everyone something?  

So she tells me, “Mark and I were seriously dating before this challenge, and he told me he loved me.  Now he is clearly with Robin and I don't understand how he could do this to me.  He said he loved me and he never felt this way before about anyone.” 

Okay, now I’m friendly with Robin AND she is on my team.  Jodi must know that I have to tell Robin.  I think she wanted to start trouble between them so she could get back with Mark.  Otherwise why air this on national TV?  So I had to tell Robin.  Do I want to be in the position?  No! But, how could I not tell her? 

If someone I was a friend of found out someone were hooking up with my boyfriend, I would want to know.  Period.  So I told Robin as you al saw, and Robin and Mark got into an argument on the bus.  Everyone had been drinking, so it got a little out of control.  Yes, Mark was pissed.

The next day, after thinking about the situation, I was pissed that Jodi purposely involved me. There are 30 other people here.  “Gee, I think I'll tell Beth!” 

The sponge challenge--

Ruthie and Derrick didn't take charge of the situation.  They didn't have a plan.  Maybe they should have passed the torch to Timmy and Julie to try and figure it out.  Ruthie has a very small voice, so it's hard to hear her even when she's got something important to add.  Everyone was talking over each other; it was complete chaos.  The Rookies had a better plan.  We did our best in actually doing the challenge, but the Rookies really won before we ever started.

The Gauntlet--

So we lost and it's into the Gauntlet.  I knew Jisela was going to leave because she had to get back to he job.  We all knew it.  She didn't really try in the Gauntlet.  Please, we're not stupid.  Jisela, girl, you could have beaten Ruthie in a second.

If it weren’t Jisela going into the gauntlet, it would have been me.  I’m pretty sure of it.  The person it should have been, based on performance so far, was either Jisela or Aneesa.  So it worked out fine for me.

Ruthie is a good competitor. She is good for the team. She can do things that most of us can't.  It’s too bad we don't get along. I've been more than willing to start over with Ruthie, based upon past events, but she is still a bitch to me so what can I do?  I’m not going to be fake about it, or kiss her ass and take showers with her like Aneesa does.  That’s just not me.

Next week is another men’s Gauntlet and definitely more drama.

Selected reader's recent questions and comments for Beth

Q1.   You probably wont read this but...  I would like to know if you think sharing your life on the reality shows on MTV is a decent trade off to the benefits you reap afterwards? How do you feel about MTV making so much money from your persona on television? People now a days would rather watch you on MTV as opposed to some actor on fox who is getting paid millions to be on a show. I just want to say that I think it takes a lot of courage to get on television and share your life and I know its a pain in the ass to walk around in the mundane world and have people react to you as if they know everything about you when they've only been exposed to a small fraction of a percentage of you that is being twisted and skewed on MTV. Thanx! Even though some people might hate you on television, they cannot get over their addiction to your personality...thank you for being real and for telling it like it is! We viewers are tired of being lied to! (Well, at least I am)

A1.   When I first auditioned for the Real World I had no idea what I was getting into. It was new, and I saw the first season and thought Eric Nies was hot!  And who doesn't want to be on when they are in college? I thought it would be an exciting adventure. I would meet new people and possibly learn something about myself.  After I finished the season, I kept getting asked to do books, calendars in the mid 90's, reunions, challenges, speaking at colleges and events, managing reality stars, doing Playboy, and producing.  I realized pretty quickly that this show is a huge part of pop culture and it's not going away.  So I could either turn my back and walk away or embrace it.  I've had so many great opportunities and am thankful for everything I have today. I've been able to be my own boss and do what I want to do and create my own path.

It is weird to me that people think they really know me.  If you talked to any of my friends, they would tell you they have no idea who “MTV Beth” is.  It is me in that situation. And in that situation I do like to push people’s buttons, but only after they start pushing my buttons. You mess with me, I blast you. There is nothing fake about that.

Q2.   Hey, Beth. I found your Gauntlet2 commentary today, and I completely enjoyed it.  I'm aware of how unfair editing can get, but, still, I always thought badly of you. But your columns have changed my mind a lot. You seem very well-spoken and intelligent, and I like that. Very much looking forward to future episodes and commentary from you.  And if the spoilers I read weren't fabricated, then I know I'm really going to enjoy them seeing that I'm a Beth fangirl now. Hey, especially next week.

A2.  Thanks Lindsay! I really appreciate your email!!! Happy New Year!!!

Q3.  Hey Beth,  So here are a few questions I think everyone wants answered:
1. Is it true that Cara hooked up with Jamie? Danny revealed it on the aftershow with Blair.
2. I know you mentioned cliques in your commentaries, but what about alliances?
3. Did Alton say why he and Irulan broke up? And does Jodi just throw herself at these guys or what?

A3.  Thanks for you questions, "mm," whoever you are.   “Everyone” wants these answered?  OK...

Cara --  Did Cara hook up with Jamie? YES !  Cara and xxxx hooked up with Jamie!!!!!  Montana was trying to hook up with Jamie, and he dogged her for Cara and xxxx.  Montana was pissed!!!! Ha Ha!!!!! And Montana has a boyfriend....    Girls girls girls.... (Sorry, I can’t out the xxxx girl)

Cliques and alliances --  The problem is most of these kids aren't smart enough to say, “Okay, I like so and so but they suck, but I’m gonna’ get rid of someone else, because even though they are better, I can't vote off my friend.”  So ‘friends’ are the same as the alliances.

Jodi --  Jodi is out of control!!!! I almost feel sorry for her that she feels the need to have sex with every guy who is interested.  She's like crying for attention and thinks sex is going to fulfill her.  The end result is that Jodi is a mess and now looks like a slut.  Now, like with Tonya, it is embarrassing for a guy to admit he had sex with Jodi because she isn't choosy. She'll take anything.  I hope this is just a phase and she grows out of it before she gets pregnant or gets an STD.

Alton and Irulan --  Don't know why they broke up. Didn't get the scoop, but I will find out.

Q4.   Hey Beth, I have one question.  Do you still hate the color red?

A4.   Yes. (LOL -- Do I know you, Cedric?  No one but close friends knew that.)

Episode 4

Danny, Danny, Danny,....Let me start off by saying that Danny is a great guy. There were words between Danny and just about everyone on his team. I felt like I was watching me. 

The problem is they don't show you everything that happened and how cliquish the other team was and how they alienated Danny and were looking for any reason to point the finger at Danny. Did he appear to be the strongest player? NO....Did he appear to be the weakest player? NO....but Danny called it like he saw it- just like me. And the way it is edited made Danny look bad.

They only showed Danny reacting to how he was being completely disrespected by his team. The editing only showed one side and that sucks. But on the other hand, it's a show and you don't get the full story. This used to bother me in the old days but now I’m used to it. I understand when things go down and I’m involved, it will not be edited in my favor. I accept this and it doesn't bother me anymore, because I realize this is a show and it's entertainment. It's not my real life.

I think because Jodi was now sleeping with Alton she had influence on his final decision. Jodi and Danny had baggage from their original show. They never resolved their issues. Jodi and Danny got into it several times and Danny started blasting Jodi on all of the guys she’s been hooking up with on the show. Jodi wanted to silence Danny and played the victim to Alton and he took care of it for her. Simple as that.

If some of the other guys on the team had to go against Alton in Beach Brawl, they would look just as bad. No one wants to go against Alton. He is like a combination of superheros all rolled into one. He makes everything look effortless. He is a natural born athlete.

I can't wait to see next week! Go Jodi! God I would hate to be her!!!!!

Episode 3

Anybody else want to quit?

This episode was extremely boring… I think the problem is there are so many people and not enough time to tell the stories, because they have to focus on the challenges and the gauntlets.

In my opinion, they should make more episodes because if they aren't going to show the drama, it goes flat.   I wanted to turn the channel and watch a movie on HBO.

As much as I dislike Aneesa, I loved it when she told off Cara. There were plenty of words tossed back and forth between Cara and many of the women – much more than you saw. For some reason, Cara thinks she is special because she posed in Playboy. I think it's hilarious :). She apparently has nothing else to say or talk about. She has zero personality and bases her entire self worth on posing naked. It's too bad. (Hey, it’s great to do it, but then move on.)

Another thing you don't see in the show is everyone immediately formed cliques. It feels kind of awkward for me because people come on these challenges and have close friends.  In my room with the Veteran girls, Robin and Katie are already best buddies and when they don't hang, Robin is off with Mark and Katie is off with David...Aneesa and Jisella are pretty much joined at the hip and taking showers together. Aneesa is also kissing ass to Ruthie and taking showers with her. So that's pretty annoying. I can see through Aneesa and can't stand how fake she is and how she thinks she can manipulate everyone with her sexuality.... Do you know how disgusting it is to have her running around naked and shaking her ass? I really wish she'd put some clothes on... And then we've got Montana, who is also trying to kiss ass and fit in to try and be best buds with someone.....Any takers?  Probably not.  She is trying to be nice with me but I can tell it is not sincere. If she were, I would be open to getting to know her again, but I can tell she still has old issues with me.  She wasn't very nice to me on The Road Rules Challenge we did back in the day. I didn't forgive, and I certainly didn't forget. The last one is Julie. She is a good girl and I hope I can trust her. I really do like Julie but I feel like she wants to trust me but is afraid to even though I've never done anything against her.  That's what happens when you are “Osama” Beth...People have their guard up … and they should if they plan on messing with me. :)

As for the challenge, the Veterans worked really well together. There wasn't much drama. I really liked the way Timmy took charge as though he were the captain. He blows Derek away, and I’m sure that Derek is scared and intimidated when he thinks of the possibility that Timmy could send him home if they have to face each other in the Gauntlet.

I was sad to see Cameran go. This was the first time I'd met her and besides us girls fighting with her over the phone because she wanted to talk with her boyfriend every minute of the day, she seems like a good person.  I hope we get to know each other better in the future. Why were we fighting over the phone?  We were fighting because Jo took the other one with her when she left.  Thirty people who all want to talk to friends and family during our down time…not a pretty sight with only one phone.


Thanks for all the great questions sent in this week. I’ve picked a few more to answer than I had planned, because the episode was, well, just lame.

Why did Jo say she was being attacked by 40 people and that she had wrist marks on her? Also, did the police accuse you guys of attacking her since she told the police that?

How many beds were in the Captains’ Room?

You know, if you count everyone in the house, both cast and crew, 40 is a pretty good number. Was Jo being attacked? No. If the police were going to follow-up on a charge that 40 people attacked someone, don’t you think that others and I would have been awakened and interviewed? I was asleep as were others. Those kind of things get managed by production just fine without the cast messing things up.

The Captain’s room was for both the rookies and veterans with four beds. Ruthie was our veteran’s captain, so she had every right to be in the room with Jo. There were no rules on how many people a captain could have in the room, but there were not that many. I was outside watching, as were many others. Did you all notice that two people were in the bed furthest away from the door when Derrick moved in? (Hookup hint).

BMP has a great deal of experience on these challenges and other shows in providing security for the cast, so they always have a formal liaison with the local police worked out well in advance of taping in anticipation of such situations and to provide security on site. I absolutely certain that Jo was not the only one talking to the local police that night. And obviously the police agreed to being filmed when Jo left, because you can see their faces. This is an entertainment show and not news, so everyone has to agree the use of their “likeness” on tape.

I heard a rumor that Jo was on drugs while in Tobago and that’s why she freaked out. Is that rumor true?

We heard that story while we were on the challenge. It’s easy enough to find the source on-line; I’m not going to give them credibility here. I love to create drama, but I hope I would never say that someone was on drugs or pass on a rumor like that. We are just people on a TV show, and charges like drug use are pretty serious stuff that can result in lawsuits. Someone did say something that was caught on camera suggesting that Jo’s bags maybe should be checked for drugs. That was a joking reference to her odd behavior, and not a charge that she was using. Really, none of us understood where her head was. I think it was that comment that escaped from the Islands and grew into something more than reality. Unfortunately, it’s out there on the Internet, and the person who started the rumor can’t undo the damage.

In the beginning, Robin says that she and Mark aren't dating? Is this true? And why are they kissing in the episode?

Stay tuned for the drama. I can’t give it all away. (Robin came to the calendar launch party in September with her boyfriend (not Mark). He is hot and they are a cute couple!) (Hey, check out Robin’s picture at

Did you get any hook-ups while on The Gauntlet 2?

IF I were to hook up with anyone on the challenge, a strong choice would be Ace. Not only is he hot, he is a really down to earth and cool person. I’m happy he is on this challenge.:) Another person I would consider is Syrus because he is my guy...We are really close and I know I can tell him anything. I know I can trust him and that’s important, especially in this game...

Have you and Norman ever made up?

No, not really.

Do you have any updates from the people from your cast?

John is still in KY singing at a place called Goldie’s Opera. He is doing a lot of religious outreach work. I was in one of my favorite LA restaurants recently where I met a really hot guy. It turns of that he works with Dominick at Disney where is has some kind of music supervisor role. That is all the recent news I can share about the LA cast.

What is up with Jodi ‘shading’ everything that moves?

OK, I think I get what you are asking; ‘shading’ is a new word for me (Did you mean ‘shagging?”… I’ve said before that Jodi is the new Tonya. Why? Well she did hook up first with Adam after he became Captain, because she believed he would help her stay in the game longer. But, after she realized that cozying up to a Veteran would do her no good, she moved on to a strong player on her team. You’ll probably see a lot of that play out on future episodes, so I can’t say more. What do they say, that for some, sex is all about control?

Hey, after reading this, some of you may wish you too had changed the channel to HBO. I’ll try to do better when BMP gives me better material to work with!

Until next week… keep those questions coming to

Have a great holiday everyone…

Episode 2

OK, first, if you are looking for a show recap, you are in the wrong place. 

Well, I get almost no camera time this episode, which some of you may appreciate.  What you do see of me leaves a false impression, but I’ll deal with that in a minute.

First, the party and Jo’s departure were actually on day two, but the editing last week made it look like it could have been the same night as the “Royal Rumble.”  Katie, Robin and Ibis spent much of the day getting the house ready for the party, while many of us just dealt with jet lag.   

I love Jo’s line “I’ve been seriously manhandled on the Island of Tobago.”  It a great line, but totally phony.  I have absolutely no idea what she was talking about, and I’m not at all sure she knows either.  If there had been real physical drama, MTV would have shown it.  That would have been really good TV.  It just didn’t happen.  Ruthie said of Jo “She’s just crazy.” I can’t argue with that.   

Were we all standing around waiting for the police to arrive?  Was there a big scene when the police come into the house?  No.  When production and we realized that she was going to leave, we probably just stopped caring.  I just went to bed and was actually asleep when Jo left, so if there was any further drama, no one told me about it the next day.  Trust me, people tell me when there is drama.  There was none.  Jo’s done her last challenge.      

The first mission:  We decided (or actually the guys decided) that we would do guy and guy and then girl and girl, while the rookies just mixed up their teams.  It was the first challenge and I felt comfortable with Julie.  We are almost the same height so I thought we could balance well together.  In the end, it probably didn’t matter much except that the having to have one of the women run alone with the two logs probably was not the smartest thing we could have done.

Here’s where things get really strange in this episode.  It’s really hard not to come away from watching this edit and not believe that somehow Julie and I lost this mission.  Most of the girls on my team were dropping coconuts but JULIE AND I didn't drop any. JULIE AND I WERE PRETTY MUCH PERFECT IN THIS MISSION AND WE WERE NOT THE LAST GROUP TO GO ON OUR TEAM.  I usually don't bitch about editing but whoever did this episode messed up. Notice when Julie and I are on our second run, when they cut away to Derek, I’m standing next to him because this editor took this game out of sequence.  We never dropped any coconuts—not either time we did it.  Montana and Robin dropped some, and so did Ruthie and Katie.  You see Montana picking some up and you hear Adam yelling at Katie to go back and pick up a coconut that they had dropped. 

But, most importantly, Julie and I were not the last pair of veterans to do the mission.  When Julie and I drop our coconuts the last time, the coconut count on screen is 200 – 200, but it’s totally out of order, because we were standing at the start/finish line when the last team dropped their coconuts on the pile. Sorry, BMP, but that is total crap.  Why edit the mission to make it look like Julie and I were beaten by MJ and Jodi?  Is this something you are going to repeat week after week? 

I couldn’t agree more with Adam’s comment about Derrick:  “He starts too much shit with the team for no reason.”  It was hard to know if that was Derrick’s strategy or if that is just Derrick. What you didn’t see of the deliberation was more interesting, like me calling out Derrick for lying.  He wanted everyone to stand up and tell what each was contributing to the team and how he had never thrown a challenge.  I had to call him out on that.  I reminded everyone that Derrick had deliberately thrown a challenge during Inferno 2 to try to get rid of me.  He responded with lots of “F.. you’s.”  You saw the result.  Derrick had the most votes with almost everyone expecting Adam would beat him.

You also hear Aneesa’s mouth running in deliberations trying to cover up her screw up and the fact that she sucks.  She is so lame and fake and LAZY and I can't stand it!!!!  All the other chicks on the team are pretty kool; and while none of us are perfect, I can say we all contribute something to the team. We compliment each other. Aneesa is a low class stripper with a big mouth.  The fact that she can't carry coconuts without screwing up is a red flag for me. I don't ever want to be her partner. And you can't be partners with someone you can't trust....
It was tough to watch Derrick and Adam in the Gauntlet.  You saw only a few seconds of what was physically brutal and lasted much longer.  It was just ugly and difficult to watch, especially as the score went against Adam.  Bottom line:  Derrick pissed off many of the veterans, and as David said, it could cost us throughout the game.

Wow, it was a short episode.  I want more.

Let me know if there is something you want me to talk about in the coming weeks.  Thanks to LC for sending in a question based on my comments last week,  “Just wondering why you thought the food on the challenge might be "nasty"?” 

Well, LC, with 32 people in the house and one cook, things were bound not to be ideal, and frankly, I’m not a big fan of goat.  The PB & J protein option was just frequently a better alternative for me to keep up my strength.  I would have preferred to eat out at local restaurants as often as possible.  The food is always better and it’s much more fun being out in the local culture rather than locked up with 30 crazy people with access to way too much liquor and a frat party mentality.  The food at the mission/Gauntlet location was typical craft services low-budget stuff.  We often didn’t know what it was, so, again, PB & J was just a better option for me.  (Email your questions/comments to

Quote of the week:  “I’ve been seriously manhandled on the Island of Tobago.” (Jo)  I came home with lots of bruises and a few scars.  I could have honestly used that line myself.  

Until next week, take care.

Episode 1

Thanks to all who watched the start of latest MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2 on Monday night.  I think you are really going to like this challenge, and I promise that the next few weeks will be more interesting than the first episode.

Why am I in Gauntlet 2?  Many people probably think I’m crazy to do another challenge. I always have hope that I will have a chance to compete and that also people will take the time to get to know me before labeling me “Osama Beth.” Unfortunately, my reputation precedes me and I've accepted this.

What did I think about going into this challenge?  I did research to figure out who would be on my team before I left for Tobago, so I could figure out my strategy. Most of the girls on my team are like five feet tall and 98 pounds. The girls who will be my direct competition in size are Montana and Aneesa, so I had to figure out how to give myself the best advantage.

The “Beth” who is not in game mode would think, “Great, warm weather, exercise, and eat healthy salads." The Beth who is in the game thinks, "Okay, its important for me to keep up my strength and my weight when going against the women on my team, especially against Montana and Aneesa. Since I expect the food to be really nasty, I’m just going to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday." This would give me protein and would probably make me gain some weight as well.

I could always lose it when I go home...(and I did). So this was my main strategy.

Did I have a strategy for the Team Captain Challenge?  You saw my comment about knowing that something was up.  “Because I’m pretty much seasoned at this, I pretty much knew there was going to be a twist” with the captain situation.   That was recorded back in LA, not on the islands.  I guess production needed a filler.  Actually when T.J. mentioned there was $1000 on the line for the Captain competition, I knew there had to be a twist.  They wouldn’t be offering money so quickly for something we would normally want to have some control of the game.

I didn't want to be captain first since we didn’t really yet know the Captain’s role, so I didn't try to win.  I was happy with this decision because later that night it meant that Derrick was not going to pass out on my bed.  (All four Captain’s beds were in the same room).  OK, no trash talk about Derrick from me…at least not this week.

Mark’s 30-something birthday party (Hey, I’ve had some of those!) So where did the decorations come from?  Robin knew ahead of time she wanted to throw Mark a birthday party, and usually there is a big party the first night on any challenge, so she brought decorations with her from LA.   Everyone really did have a good time, including non-party girl, Beth!

You saw me hiding behind sheets in my bed.  Why?  Well, Adam had a little too much to drink and was jumping up and down on my bed and being a little too friendly.  I had a more than a little to drink too, but still had the presence of mind to tell him to quit trying to look down my top.

Ace in the bathroom?  What’s up with that?  I heard that people are commenting on it on-line.  Keep talking ;) Maybe I’ll tell about it next week. 

I’ll save my comments about Jo’s departure until next week, too.   Until then, have a great week.

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