Sexiest Men of Reality TV Calendar
** 2007 Edition **

Mark reprises his 2006 calendar appearance with another for 2007.  Is it his final appreance?  During the taping of MTV's Gauntlet 2 Reunion show last Spring in NYC, Mark announced his retirement from the challenges.  As an original Road Rules stalwart, Mark has done his fair share of both competing and hosting over many years.  Mark's body, as we all saw on the set of the calendar shoot, is anything but "old school."

Mark is about to celebrate the first anniversary of "Reality Remix," the FOX Reality channel show for which he is a correspondent.  Are favorite "Mark Moments" are of Mark interviewing people on the streets of LA whenere he asks people to identify pictures reality stars.   It is "fall-off-the-chair-laughing" funny when the people he is interviewing don't recognize him!   How many dates do you get this way, Mark? 

The list of his film and TV work include the films "The Coach," and "Guarded Secrets."  His TV credits include character roles in "Even Steven" and "Sweet Valley High," in addition to playing himself in at least 11 other TV projects.  Mark was the "gadget guru" on  "Donnie and Marie." 

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Mark Long -- Host of MTV'S  Real World: Brooklyn After Show, former correspondent on Fox's "Reality Remix"
Adam is in two  simultaneously airing shows:  MTV's "Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge" & Fox Reality's "Camp Reality."   In both shows, Adam sense for adventure is readily apparent. 

His appearance in the 2006 MTV "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2" was too brief for most die hard fans and cast alike.  Derrick provided the first shock of the challenge as he beat Adam head to head on the beach in Trinidad & Tobago where the show taped.  Adam is a natural leader, respected by the cast.  He departure created early antipathy toward Derrick from some who believed Adam should have been around for a long time.  In keeping with his character, though, Adam's departure was a class act unlikely to be oft repeated on any challenge.

Adam appears in the successful independent film "FAQs," now out on DVD, in which he plays the role of Guy. The film chronicles "India," who "after living on the tough streets of LA for a while, ... hopes that every gay basher will meet his destiny. In this case Destiny is a black, 6 foot, high heel wearing, gun toting, drag queen with an attitude and a soft place in her heart for homeless gay boys." 

Adam continues to study acting in LA, so we may see him more on the big screen than the on the small one.  We think that will be our gain.  Look for Adam in  the films "Demented Mind," "Writer's Block," "Unpaid Attention," and "Standing Still."  
Adam Larson -- MTV's "Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge"  &  Fox Reality's "Camp Reality"

Burton has traveled around the world to over 30 countries and is always seeking his next adventure.  Passionate about adventure travel, there is virtually no activity that he has not tried from diving with great white sharks to sky diving.  An avid adventure racer, he participated in the 2002 Eco-Challenge in Fiji which was a lifelong dream of his.

In 2003, he was chosen to be a participant on Survivor: Pearl Islands along with 15 other people – little did he know this would be a life-changing event.  With a competitive background and the ability to ‘survive’ in any conditions, he went on to last 36 out of 39 days and finished in 5th place. 

In early 2007, Fox Reality aired Burton's "Camp Reality," which brought together a group of Burton's friends for a few days of reality craziness in California's Big Bear area. 

Little known fact:  Burton was a successful softwear executive before being bitten by the Survivor bug.  One beautiful reality lady we know says Burton is the master of Power Point.  We think she was talking about softwear, but with reality people, you never really know.  
Burton Roberts  --  Survivor: Pearl Islands
Will the real Alex Quinn please stand up?  Producer, actor, entrepreneur, casting director, reality star, just who is Alex Quinn other than the son of two-time Academy Award® winning actor Anthony Quinn?   The answer is he is all those and so much more.

More people saw Alex on E's highly rated "Filthy Rich Cattle Drive" than may have seen him in his early movie roles, but that fact will soon be erased from the history books.  In one other foray into reality TV, Alex appeared as himself on Bravo's successful "Workout," the reality series about a trainer to the wealthy and famous and her gym, "Sky Sport and Spa" in Beverly Hills.
Alex's reality roots actually run much deeper.  One industry database credits him as being a production assistant for Bunim Murray Productions where he worked on the "Real World" series. 
His impressive recent filmography (since 2000) includes:
-  Redefining Normal (2007), Lake Dead (2007), Curse of Alcatraz (2007), Clash (2006), Unspoken (2006), The Devil Inside (2006), An
Existential Affair (2005), The Last Goodbye (2004), and Starving
Hysterical Naked (2003).      
Alex Quinn -- Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

Diego appeared along with his girlfriend, Amber, in ABC's "Ultimate Love Test."  If measured by today's ratings for reality programming, it would be a hit, but the show was considered risky by the network following the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident, so the "family network" failed to advertise the show and pushed it to 10 PM on Wednesday night.  Today, the show is far more successful as an addition to the Fox Reality lineup where in extended interviews Diego and Amber talk about what happen behind-the-scenes and off-camera. 

Central to their relationship was Amber's desire to travel while Diego desired to be more grounded.  Since the show aired, both have traveled extensively.   Most recently, Diego has been working as a personal trainer in South Beach.  The two are still very much together.   Amber is an artist whose work graces our offices. 

In mid-May, we told James Rhine that he would be on Big Brother: All Stars.  He wasn't quite ready to believe us, but he humored us as we told him what we knew of the alliance discussions among insiders that were going on in the LA area and coast to coast.   We've since been reminded that we neglected to tell him that certain BB producers use against you what you confide to them in the Diary Room. Sorry, James, we thought you knew that from last season.  Our bad...

During Big Brother: Season 6, James developed a stong fan base which propelled him legitimately to being among the top vote getters selected by fans for the Big Brother: All Stars season.   Real votes, not paid for auto-voting programs that distorted the process!

James easily admits to not being a watcher of reality tv.  His favorite retreat is inside a book, which make sense for this 2004 college grad with a major in political science and a minor in economics.  Post-season, his strongest alliance appears to be with Dr. Will and Mike Boogie.  The person he found to be most different than advertised:  Diane Henry.  James professes to be a big fan of Dian, which is great to hear, because we are, too. 

James is represented by BMG Model Management in Chicago.  He is a successful commerical model, and we predict, also a future political candidate.  Go James.!   

Derrick opted not to participate in MTV's "Inferno 3" challenge taped last Fall in South Africa.  But, fate had other plans for him.  Just before he was to leave for an appearance in Tampa, he was called in to replace CT who was booted for assaulting someone even before the challenge began.  Watch to see if this becomes Derrick's long-sought first challenge win.   Tuesdays at 10 pm EDT on MTV.

Derrick's three reality TV appearances during 2006 are fitting for a someone who's first national TV exposure was on a show titled Road Rules: X-Treme.  Not a half-way anything kind of  guy, Derrick is known for his drive and determination to win.  People who didn't know the "real" Derrick were surprised by his reaction when his "Fresh Meat" partner, Diem, privately informed him that she had cancer.  To those of us who know him, he is much more than the tough kid from Chicago.  

Derrick is one of the most popular of the Real World/Road Rules cast veterans who make appearances around the country at colleges and clubs.  He has also recently signed on to a movie, Hyenas.  You can check out his latest info at his myspace page at the link below, but Derrick says to buy the calendar first!

Syrus originally appeared on the sixth edition of MTV "Real World."  In 2006, he appeared on the MTV challenge, "Gauntlet 2," and was the 13th cast member to be sent packing.  One of the more memorable episodes involving Syrus during Gauntlet included the guys having to put on Speedos provided by production.  Clearly someone didn't get the memo, because the one given to Syrus was several sizes too small, leaving nothing to the imagination of women around the country who flock to Syrus' night club appearances. 

If you aspire to be on reality TV, Syrus is a good guy to know. He's been a casting coordinator for several reality shows including Real World, Who Wants to Date a Prince, Dismissed, 5th Wheel, Blind Date, Who's Got Game, Paradise Hotel and the The Next Joe Millionaire.  On his season of Real World: Boston, he was know for bringing people to the house unexpectedly.  It's nice to know that Syrus is consistent, because during the calendar shoot his posse went through the craft services table in the bar in record time.  Still, you can't have a conversation with Syrus without walking away with a smile on your face.   He just makes you feel good.    

Does the real Wes come through on TV?  Some people who know him don't think so.  Others say that there are not many other honest portrayals of personal growth on reality TV these days.

Was there too much "Danny" influence on Wes during "Real World: Austin," was that just "frat-boy" Wes enjoying things too much, or some all-too-convenient editing?  Our money is on a combination of all three.  Based on our experience during the calendar shoot, we're guessing that Wes really is the strong, quiet and very funny guy we saw on the set -- totally devoted to Johanna.  As Wes said of himself during the "Fresh Meat" reunion taping, "I've changed."  As Johanna said, "He had to." 

Prediction: Some Internet message board types will be changing their minds about Wes as "The Duel" unfolds on MTV beginning on Thursday, Oct 12.  He is our "Mr. December" because he ends up being a pretty nice package to unwrap on Christmas morning.         
Wes Bergman  --  MTV Challenges: "Fresh Meat" and "The Duel,"  Real World Austin
Fox told us that Jonathan was a wealthy real estate investor.  In truth, he is an actor.  What is reality TV coming to?  Just a few days before Unan1mous premiered, Jonathan appreared as Joshua in CBS' "King of Queens."  Do we blame Jonathan?  Heck, no, because he made Unan1mous so much more entertaining.  What we don't know is if he was eligible to win the money.  Some mysteries remain...

TV Guide's Matt Roush wrote about Unan1mous, "Reality hell is Unanimous through and through."  Just what the hell does Roush know, or more importantly, who cares?  The only reality show on Fox he has ever liked is American Idol.  Airing behind the results show of American Idol (27.7 million viewers, 11.4 rating/27 share among adults 18-49), Unanimous (16.0, 7.1/16) scored the highest retention of Idol demo lead-in for a series premiere or a special in about two years and tied ABC's Lost for the top spot in adults 18-49 in the 9:30-10 p.m. half-hour, according to Nielsen Media Research data.  Guess what, Matt, that's more people than watched Jonathan on one of your favorite sitcoms.

Unan1mous was successful enough to repeat the format in Italy and the UK.   
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Zack Stewart --  "Paradise Hotel"

Zack was the original bad boy on Fox'TV's hit "Paradise Hotel."  Zach told us that he had mellowed a lot since "Paradise Hotel" ended -- not as many hot-tempered bar altercations apparently.

These summer 2006 images of Zack do show a different side to him.  Now an EMT in the Southwestern US, he says is still recognized from the show.  He was engaged to Amy, his PH love interest, but is now single and in no hurry to go down that road again. With a body like his and the hot singles scene were he lives, it's no surprise that this future firefighter is going to be starting a fire or two with the ladies before he puts any out. 

       Asked about a rumor that Paradise Hotel might return, he was not very forthcoming, but he did offer that  he didn't think they could improve on his season.

(Ed note:  Fox Reality and the CW network brought back PH for a second season in 2008 and 5 episodes from the end, Zach makers a return to the game and makes it to the final episode.   Watch for coming replays on the Fox Reality Channel.)