Mark Long - 2006
Interview with Mark Long
by Cabana Boy ("CB")

CB: Mark, what attracted you to the reality stars calendar project?

Mark: I have been a "Reality Star" in many people's mind for nearly 10 years, and thought it would be a fun project to be involved with.  And it gave me a reason to get in better shape and prepare for my photo shoot.

CB: Were they any memorable moments from the calendar shoot?

Mark: Hanging out with everyone at the mansion location and jumping off the rock cliff in the backyard.  Also, going to the wrap party for the shoot and hanging out with so many different reality stars from so many networks.  Lastly, spending four days with Robin (wearing a bikini) not a bad week :)

CB: You have been both a host and a cast member. Do you have a preference for one over the other? Why?

Mark: Hosting is the best because there is no pressure and at the end of the day you know your getting paid, no matter what.  But being an athlete, though, there is always that sense of competition that you want to be a part of.

CB: What have you been working on recently? Where can people see you?

Mark: I do a lot of projects for the Fine Living Network, hosting a show called Born American and doing all of the networks intersticials and sweepstakes.  Also, Extreme Dodgeball on GSN, The Gauntlet 2 coming out for MTV Fall 2005, and just shot a pilot for FOX called Reality Check, as a correspondant

CB: What are your passions? What do you love to do away from the lights and cameras?

Mark: I am a huge beach and outdoor kinda guy.  A full day in Malibu at the beach, and some Mexican food at sunset on the way home is a perfect day for me.

CB: Are you single and what do you look for in a relationship?

Mark: I am single, but as you probably know, I'll always have a special place for a female reality castmember that is in this begins with an R!!!!  Other than the crush, single as can be :)

CB: Will you keep doing the MTV challenges as long as they are fun?

Mark: I will keep doing them, until I feel I can't win.  As of now, everytime I go, I assume I am going to win.  You have to think that way and be positive or your a sitting duck and shouldn't even go.  Plus, I just love competition and testing myself physically.

CB: Tell us something about Mark that we don't know, some deep, dark secret that
people can think about when they look at your calendar picture.

Mark: I have a size 14 do the math :)

CB: Where can people find out more about you?

Mark: Check me out at
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Michael Bezjian Photography

Michael Bezjian Photography

Now a Collector's Treasure.  Few Remain.
Now a Collector's Treasure.  Few Remain.