Sexiest  Women  of  Reality TV
Calendar     ** 2007 Edition **
Executive Producer and originator of the "Sexiest Men and

Women of Reality TV" calendars, Beth continues to work in Hollywood as a independent film maker and program developer through her company, Planet Beth, LLC. 

In 2006, Beth appeared in MT's "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2."   Beth performed well in many of the "missions" but suffers from acrophobia, so the challenges with heights proved daunting.  Lasting longer than she has on any other challenge, Beth took full advantage the opportunity to dispell rumors that she could not compete or that she embodied the "Evil  Beth" character role the producers appear to want her to play.  

Beth's advice to people who want to be on reality TV?  "Be yourself," she argues. "If you try to be someone you are not in an audition, two things can happen.  First, the casting professionals are likely to notice; they've done this before.  You probably won't move on in the screeing process.  Secondly, and far worse, they will know you are faking it and cast you with the knowledge that you will be the one on the show whose life gets destroyed on camera for not being real."  Welcome to reality TV.

Beth Stolarczyk -- MTV's latest challenge:  "The Duel"
"Life is too short to be boring,"  Bianca told CBS in a pre-show interview. 

It's not surprising, then, that this Virginia high school teacher took a "time out" from the classroom to take "The Amazing Race" reality journey with her life-long friend, Debbie Cloyed. 

At the time TAR 6 was aired, Reality New Online's Phil Kural wrote "Debbie & Bianca – Best friends/Sentimental Favorites/My pick to win."  Sadly, Bianca's time teaching English in Spain didn't help, and having driven two hours in the wrong direction in Chile, the pair who had won the first leg of the race -- and $10,000 each -- found themselves in last place and eliminated.   Our loss!  Who were we supposed to look at for the rest of the season? 

After the show, Bianca moved to LA where Debbie already lived.   Not long after, where reality show and actor boyfriend, Sharif, who appeared on Fox's "Playing it Straight."

Bianca appears in "Making of the Calendar, 2007" video available on "In Demand" beginning in January.         
Bianca Smith -- "The Amazing Race"
The Amazing Race team, Debbie and Bianca
Debbie was already an accomplished Los Angeles photographer and world traveler when she and life-long friend, Bianca Smith, applied for The Amazing Race.  So, unlike many reality "stars," little changed in Debbie's life after the show ended.  While her journey with Bianca from Long Beach into South America was a little more intense than some trips, this adventure "junkie's" credentials were already well established before "TAR 6."

Debbie's bio is interesting reading for reality junkies.  Of all the people who have been on reality TV in the past decade, how many completed a university undergraduate degree in three years?  Debbie did -- in three years at William and Mary.  We hear that she is writing.  We're not sure what it is, but we want to read it.

TAR teammate, Bianca, was the energetic one during the calendar shoot (hot tub, bar, running into the guys shots), but it was Debbie whose poses brought to mind the famous "Vargas" calendar girls of the 1940s.  Very "Hollywood," Debbie -- an understated, elegant presence with a beautiful result.
Debbie Cloyed -- The Amazing Race

Jamie appeared on NBC's "Deal or No Deal" with Howie Mandel holding money case # 24.  We'll bet she wore more for Howie than she did for us during the calendar shoot.   We'll also wager that Howie will enjoy his own personally autographed copy of our "Miss December" 2007!  Jamie is hot, as the editors at FHM and Maxim know!

Jamie is a professional actress and model who discovered
reality TV along the way.  In addition to gracing a Bud Lite
commercial, the Rez Dog Clothing Company Calendar and
the 2005 Benchwarmer Signature Series cards, she is also
garnering numerous acting credits.  Her past films include
"Chasing Ghosts," "Cellular," "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and
Danny DiVito's "Relative Strangers." 

Jamie, will you fit into my Christmas stocking?     

Johanna Botta made her TV debut on MTV's Real World: Austin, where she caught attention for her winning personality and momentary lapse of judgement from a little too much alcohol.  Hey, it's reality tv, what do you want? Most of has have been there, but happily without TV cameras catching our return home after a night in the company of the local constabulary.   Somehow well hidden from viewers, though, was the budding relationship between Johanna and Wes, the muscle bound, party-hardy frat boy on her season.  We guess Wes' softer side and Johanna's winning inner beauty just didn't fit MTV's story line for the show.  Too bad, that would have been "reality TV."

Fast forward to MTV's challenge, "Fresh Meat" and we see the relationship between the two in full bloom -- sort of, with Wes recording moments he will probably want his daughters to see someday -- as a warning about men in general.   And still further forward to "The Duel" where Wes is alone without Johanna, where we see a very different, sincere, Wes telling us that he is there to win the money for his future with Johanna and their "little Wes'."  Sweet. 

Just one look at the smile in Johanna's picture on the left suggests Wes has his act together.  You can check out more of Johanna pictures at Stuff Magazine, but be sure to buy the calendar to see Johanna revealed in full 12 x 24 beauty.          

Katie Doyle -- Road Rules and MTV's Challenges
Ryan Starr -- Reality Triple Threat
Sarah is too young to be an iconic figure representative of contemporary reality TV, and while two reality shows do not fully define her allure on two continents, "iconic" does seem an apt description.  Sarah continued to expand her Hollywood experience base by appearing in a lead role in a Jean-Claude La Marre film, "Ride Sweet, Die Slow," an action western. 

She also has a role in another independent film now in pre-production, and is expected to appear in a major independent film in pre-production from a renowned Hollywood director.  Sarah also was associate producer and swimwear stylist for the 2006 men's and women's calendars and associate producer for the Pay-Per-View video, "Making the Calendar."

Expanding her Hollywood experience,  Sarah has created a swimwear line with top model Joanna Kruppa and recently had a reality show the two created accepted by a network.    
Sarah Kozer's "Joe Millionaire" reprised on the FOX Reality Channel
Most recently, Tonya appeared in the video, "The Making of the 2007 Calendar," available soon on "In Demand."  In a revealing on-camera interview, Tonya talks about the feeling of total sexual liberation she feels from taking her clothes off in front of a camera. 

Tonya's latest reality show, "Real World, Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat"  just finished its run.  Once again, the "bitches" team up to send home Tonya and her "Fresh Meat" partner.  Only a few months before, Tonya's "behind the reality" experiences were revealed on VH-1's "True Life."   Up next for her is as a cast member in MTV's "Inferno 3."

One of these days, we're going to get a picture of Tonya on her boogie board riding the waves at one of LA's hot beaches.   You can contact her for business at  
Tonya and Sarah Kozer
together in Vegas.  Hot!
Tonya Cooley:  Real World: Chicago,  Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Kill Reality and The Scorned
Trishelle Cannatelle --  Has she graduated from reality TV?  Who  knows.  Only time will tell.  We wish her well in her acting appearances in:
  • 33 Griffin Lane (2007)
  • Ninja Cheerleaders (2007)
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007)
  • "Criminal Minds" .... Jane
  • "VIP Passport" (2006) TV Series .... Trishelle as herself
And then she's back in "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling!!!!!

Trishelle Cannatella  -- 2007, Reunited:
The Real World Las Vegas
Valerie Penso -- Temptation Island
Battle of the Network Reality Stars
Svetlana: If you are a fan of reality TV, then you know her name.  In early  2006, Svetlana made her national TV appearance on MTV's Real World: Key West.   In mid-2006, she also participated in MTV's currently airing challenge, "The Duel," where she fights to be the longest surving new cast member in the history of MTV's challenges.   Loved, hated, misunderstood, all in one season.

A native of Odessa, Ukraine, Svetlana has privately complained that she was targeted by MTV from before her arrival at the Key West house.  She says that she knew nothing about the other castmembers before her arrival, but she discovered that they all had been given key bio information about her.   Do you smell a dramatic story line?  

If you like drama, tune in to MTV on Thursdays at 10 pm Eastern and Pacific time and see if Svetlana can handle the "old school" crew or will the pressure be too much.
Is she as innocent as her picture on the left suggests, or does this post-teen pre-med student have some tricks up her sleeve... wait, what sleeve?

Svetlana: Вы очень сексуальны
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