Erica Rose, not just another tiara- wearing beauty...

While some may have found Erica's "princess" roll unusual on "The Bachelor: Rome, it was not unusual for her at all.  In a recent interview with ABC 12 in Houston, she said,
"I went on the show saying I'm going to be as outrageous and entertaining as I can possibly be, if people want to hate me, I could care less, I just want them to remember me."   
In the end, the producers probably found her more interesting than the "prince," because they brought Erica back the next season.  For all we know, the prince in still in New York pretending to be Italian.

Erica's Myspace quote: 

"Here I am"

(By the way, she makes and sells tiaras now, should you ever need one.)
2008 "Sexiest Women of Reality TV" Calendar
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