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Sarah is too young to be an iconic figure representative of contemporary reality TV, and while two reality shows do not fully define her allure on two continents, "iconic" does seem an apt description.  Sarah continued to expand her Hollywood experience base by appearing in a lead role in a Jean-Claude La Marre film, "Ride Sweet, Die Slow," an action western. 

She also has a role in another independent film now in pre-production, and is expected to appear in a major independent film in pre-production from a renowned Hollywood director.  Sarah also was associate producer and swimwear stylist for the 2006 men's and women's calendars and associate producer for the Pay-Per-View video, "Making the Calendar."

Expanding her Hollywood experience,  Sarah has created a swimwear line with top model Johanna Kruppa and recently had a reality show the two created accepted by a network.    
Sexiest Women of Reality TV Calendar 
** 2007 Edition **
Sarah Kozer's "Joe Millionaire" reprises frequently  on the FOX Reality Channel
Sarah's new swimwear line, "Naked Swimwear," was a big hit with both the women and the men on the set of the calendar shoot -- maybe especially with the men!