Sarah Kozer
(In her own words, proudly "borrowed" from her myspace page)

"I'm an LA near the Beverly Hills area in Sunny southern California. I grew up back east but moved to LA several years ago to go to law school, and it's been an interesting journey since then!! My motivating factor of life is adventure and gaining new life experiences... I'm a small town girl out in the world, trying to see it all before my time's up! My mottos are IT'S BETTER TO REGRET SOMETING YOU DID THAN SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T DO, and YOU GET WHAT YOU SETTLE FOR.  I have a farm in PA which serves as my escape fantasy when LA is too much. I live to travel and could spend three lifetimes seeing the world. I miss the seasons, but like the laid back lifestyle least for now. "

Sarah's Myspace quote: 

"Nothing happened in the bushes, for crissakes!"
2008 "Sexiest Women of Reality TV" Calendar
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