Valerie Penso (in her own words, shamelessly perloined from her myspace page)

"I know I might look like your typical girl next door but dont underestimate me.  I look a lot more innocent then I am.  I've experienced a lot in life and am always ready to experience even more.  My motto is try everything twice and have no regrets!  Im a writer, a dreamer, and a giver.  No matter how bad things get, I'm always optimistic.  It's the Sag in me.  I can be a very private person especially until you get to know me.  But, yes, I admit it; at times I can be the biggest flirt.  I can't help it.  I was born that way.  I'm me, and I can't change that.  I won't change that."

Valerie's Myspace quote: 

"A Woman's Unhappiness Is To Rely On Her Youth. Youth Must Be Replaced With Mystery. Coco Chanel"
2008 "Sexiest Women of Reality TV" Calendar
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