Sexiest  Women  of  Reality TV
Calendar     ** 2008 Edition **
Jenn Grijalva -- MTV's "Real World: Denver" and "Inferno 3"

Jenn says she first applied for MTV's "The Real World" at 18, when she was about to graduate from high school.  Later, after four years as an Oakland Raiders "Raiderette," she decided she was at a point of transition in her life.  She attended an open casting call for Real World at a pub in Berkeley, arriving just 5 minutes before the end of their auditions.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Jenn's Myspace quote: 

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left! "

Angel Carter:  When you are 19 and this beautiful, who
needs famous brothers Nick and Aaron Carter (her twin)--
except maybe to keep unwanted guys away at clubs?

Appearing in "House of Carters," Angel showed many
facets of her personality that we just didn't expect to see from one her age.   Musician and model, we expect to see a
lot of Angel in the future.   From watching her at the photo shoot, we also think her name is misleading... There is a really fun devil behind that smile.  Men beware!

Angel's Myspace quote: 

"" Love each other"

Angel Carter --  "House of Carters"
Tonya Cooley --  MTV's "Inferno 3," "Real World: Chicago,"  VH-1's "Celebrity Paranormal"

There is something about Tonya's pictures that always catches our eye, and every look she give the camera is different.  She is one of he hardest working people in the business and a serious student of everything she does.  Toward the end of the year, she was to have appeared in a celebrity boxing event.  Sadly, it was canceled at the last minute.  We wanted to see which Tonya was going to show up in the ring because we heard that she decked her male boxing trainer in the ring.  She also made her late-night acting debut is a far-from-reality feature on Cinemax that we can't show on a PG site -- not that we didn't take a peek ourselves.  This year Tonya made a big move out of LA, and we're sure that somewhere out there is a crazy reality show in the making

Tonya's Myspace quote: 

"Doing it right"

Erica Rose, not just another tiara- wearing beauty...

While some may have found Erica's "princess" role unusual on "The Bachelor: Rome," it was not unusual at all for this Houston native.  In a recent interview with ABC TV station in Houston, she said,

"I went on the show saying I'm going to be as outrageous and entertaining as I can possibly be, if people want to hate me, I could care less, I just want them to remember me."    

That quote has an interesting May West quality to it. 

In the end, the producers probably found her more interesting than the "prince," because they brought Erica back the next season.  For all we know, the prince in still in New York pretending to be a rich Italian or is it just called being pretentious?

Erica's Myspace quote: 

"Here I am"

(By the way, she makes and sells tiaras now, should you ever need one.)
Erica Rose --  "The Bachelor, Rome"

Parvati Shallow most recently appeared as a contestant on Survivor: Cook Islands. One the sexiest women ever to be cast by Mark Burnett, she survived 36 days on the island before being voted off.  Parvati grew up in a commune in
Vero Beach, Florida.  When she was 12, her parents left the
commune and moved the family to Atlanta, Georgia.  Parvati graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Georgia with high honors. 

One Hollywood film producer who recently looked at the calendar remarked that while all the women were beautiful, the one he really wanted to meet was Parvati.  He remarked, "There is something behind that smile I really want to know!  She must have an incredibly playful passion for life."    We think he's on to something.  

Check out Parvati's latest charity adventure:
Parvati Shallow --  "Survivor, Cook Islands" 
Holly Huddleston

Holly hails from the small Southern California community of Quartz Hill.  She always knew she wanted to be in front of the camera and on TV.  After graduating High School in 2004, she took acting classes and appeared in independent films. Holly also began modeling and eventually joined the Lingerie Bowl. At the Lingerie Bowl she met Molly and they decided to work together.  

Molly Shea

Molly was born and raised in San Diego. Growing up in San Diego, she was always very involved with sports, modeling and acting.  Molly moved to Los Angeles to further her modeling and acting career.  After meeting Holly at the Lingerie Bowl photo shoot, the two decided the was star power in being "The Olly Girls."  Given the two-season success of "Sunset Tan" on E!, and their news sports show on

Holly Huddleston & Molly Shea --  "Sunset Tan" 
Robin Hibbard

Look for Robin on MTV the Fall when she returns for "Gauntlet 3," another of the Real World/Road Rules challenge series.   We're digging Robin's return to brunette and new, trip look.  She was featured earlier this year on Fox's Reality Remix where her ex, Mark Long, reported on her breast reduction surgery. 

Robin's Myspace quote: 


Robin Hibbard --  MTV's "Gauntlet 3" and "Real World: San Diego" 
Cecile Gahr

In person, Cecile is a really, really cool.    It's hard to understand the edit she got on "Beauty and the Geek,"  where she was portrayed as the villain.  She saw the show as a competition, but the edit was geared toward documenting a life-changing experience for ten beauties and the geeks.  She already has a great life, no thanks to the show's producers.  It's the price people pay for being on a reality show sometimes, They wanted her for ability to bring the drama.  In the end, they were very happy -- at her expense.  We think she is hot; and,  Cecile and Megan together are just about enough warmth to boil water during an average Arctic winter night.   Did we mention that she also has a
great sense of humor?


Cecille's Myspace quote: 

"People say LA does not have four seasons... Last time I checked, it was on Doheny"
Cecile Gahr --  "Beauty and the Geek" 
Katie Doyle --  MTV's "Gauntlet 3" 
Katie Doyle

Katie returns to TV this Fall with the classic drama she is known for on the Real World/Road Rules Challenges.  This time on Gauntlet 3 she brings focus and determination to the game, hoping to actually win it all.   True to her challenge roots, Katie sees the game play around her, and in classic Katie fashion, she lets people know that she is on to their game.  

Never one to mince words or pass up a chance to party when the spirit moves her, Katie enjoyed herself during the photo shoot.  We can't wait to see her video from day two of the Calendar shoot.  We know it's going to be memorable.

Katie's Myspace quote: 

"Screw Harry Potter and his asshole glasses".
Valerie Penso
(in her own words, shamelessly purloined from her myspace page)

"I know I might look like your typical girl next door but don't underestimate me.  I look a lot more innocent then I am.  I've experienced a lot in life and am always ready to experience even more.  My motto is try everything twice and have no regrets!  I'm a writer, a dreamer, and a giver.  No matter how bad things get, I'm always optimistic.  It's the 'Sag' in me.  I can be a very private person especially until you get to know me.  But, yes, I admit it; at times I can be the biggest flirt.  I can't help it.  I was born that way.  I'm me, and I can't change that.  I won't change that."

Valerie's Myspace quote: 

"A Woman's Unhappiness Is To Rely On Her Youth.  Youth Must Be Replaced With Mystery."  Coco Chanel
Valerie Penso --  The original "Temptation Island,"  replaying on
the Fox Reality Channel

Sarah Kozer
(In her own words, proudly "borrowed" from her myspace page)

"I'm an LA near the Beverly Hills area in Sunny southern California. I grew up back east but moved to LA several years ago to go to law school, and it's been an interesting journey since then!! My motivating factor of life is adventure and gaining new life experiences... I'm a small town girl out in the world, trying to see it all before my time's up! My mottos are IT'S BETTER TO REGRET SOMETING YOU DID THAN SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T DO, and YOU GET WHAT YOU SETTLE FOR.  I have a farm in PA which serves as my escape fantasy when LA is too much. I live to travel and could spend three lifetimes seeing the world. I miss the seasons,
but like the laid back lifestyle least for now. "

Sarah's Myspace quote: 

"Nothing happened in the bushes, for crissakes!"

Sarah Kozer -- "Joe Millionaire," replaying on the Fox Reality Channel

Megan Hauserman

As we're writing this in the fall of 2007, Megan's myspace profile mood reads "guilty."  Well, she certainly is guilty of causing me fantasy or two.  She won "Beauty and the Geek"  largely by being herself -- friendly, funny, up for anything and definitely a "beauty" at all times.  What really amazes those who meet her is that she is someone you dream about and at the same time is someone you would take home to meet your parents.  Now that's a really rare quality.

Look for much more of Megan in 2008 with Megan's appearance in two more hit reality shows on VH-1.

OK, If you are over 18, click here...
Megan Hauserman -- "Beauty and the Geek," & "Rock of Love 2"
"Pumkin" (Brooke Thompson) -- "Flavor of Love" and "Charm School"
"Pumkin"  (Brooke) became know during her appearance on "Flavor of Love" where she became a break-through reality star in late 2006.  In 2007, she followed-up on VH-1 with "Charm School," a spin-off from the surprisingly highly rated "Flavor of Love" series.  This former substitute high school teacher is making the most of her 15 minutes.   Look for her in two new VH-1 reality shows in 2008.

Brooke has described her departure from "Flavor of Love" as a great relief.  We're not sure if she mean a relief from escaping from the clutches of the former "Public Enemy " front man or away from "New York."  In truth, it may simply not matter.  She escaped... 
As for "Charm School," we think she had far more class than the host and producers combined.   

Click her to see Pumkin's Myspace page
Check it out and enjoy! 
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